LE CCOn October 17-18, pre-ICRE, you’re invited to attend Understanding the Complex Construct of the Learning Environment: A Consensus Conference.

This conference aims to:

  • Explore the literature in the area,
  • Identify gaps in the literature, and
  • Create a theory-practice link that would allow educators to connect theory and policy to practical implementation of interventions for improvement of clinical learning environments

Get to know more about some of the many avenues that will be explored:

Exploring Educational aspects of the learning environment – the educational avenue:

As we dive deeper into the educational avenue, we will explore perspectives from different stakeholders especially our learners and teachers. We need to think about the impact of the learning environment on learning, teaching and assessment. The learning environment provides context for curriculum planning and implementation and must be part of a robust program evaluation. The intersection with other learning environment avenues will be explored with practical ideas, tips and next steps the planned outcome for this consensus conference.

Probing Psychological perspectives of the learning environment – the psychological avenue:

Drawing on literature from educational psychology, the working environment, quality improvement, and beyond, this article will identify key factors that positively or negatively impact the psychologic aspects of the clinical learning environment.  Moreover, differences in these factors between the level of learner within a profession (e.g. medical student, resident and faculty physician) as well as between professions (e.g. medical, nursing, pharmacy) will be explored, to better understand their relationships to psychological safety and the pursuit and development of professional identity. We will also investigate how aspects such as belongingness, support, justice, and feeling cared for, are weighed differently at various points of professional growth. Understanding these diverse psychological aspects is critical in a medical educator’s pursuit to optimize the clinical learning environment.

Deconstructing Digital components of the learning environment – the digital avenue:

A digital learning environment has developed through advances in technology which has impacted how medical trainees communicate, learn, and are assessed. Underscoring these changes are concerns regarding the privacy, safety, and governance of patient and learner data. This session will explore the impact of the evolving digital learning environment on postgraduate medical education.

Stay tuned for more details on other avenues to be explored at this year’s consensus conference – register today!

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During the 2018 International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE), three outstanding international recipients will take home the International Resident Leadership Award, and the International Medical Educator of the Year Award, respectively.

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, along with the ICRE planning committee, would like to congratulate the recipients of the 2018 Awards: Continue Reading »

GoldenTicket1ICRE is a truly unique experience in that you have the chance to walk up and just talk to some of the most prolific names in medical education.  Even though most (if not all) of these incredible physician educators are more than happy to talk to any resident, it can still be an intimidating and daunting task.  Prior to the ICRE I had chosen two medical educators that I was going to talk to: Dr. Simon Fleming (@OrthopodReg) and Dr. Richard Reznick (@DeanOnCampus).  After tweeting my conference goals of meeting these two individuals, I received a tweet from the ICRE (@ICREConf) telling me that I had won a golden ticket.  This golden ticket provided me with the chance to meet Dr. Fleming and Dr. Reznick along with several other medical educators prior to the plenary lectures.

GoldenTicket1Winning the golden ticket allowed for me to meet both of my ICRE goals within the first 10 minutes of my arrival to the conference.  It was a personal, casual, and meaningful way for me to get to know these two doctors.  It made the meeting and encounter not awkward at all, we were all just a couple of surgeons coming into town to talk about how great teaching is and how much better it can become.  This casual conversation was interrupted by the plenary, and continued throughout the weekend at lectures, dinner, and the occasional hotel bar.

Winning the golden ticket provided me with a wonderful chance to meet some heroes of medical education.  It also made me realize that most people in the medical education community are like me: approachable, passionate, friendly, and looking to hear from new educators/learners.  My advice is to tweet your #ICRE2018Goals and make some new medical education friends.  Some of the friendships you make at ICRE can span the globe and last a lifetime.  I would have to say I interact with Simon through twitter more than some of my co-residents at other hospitals on a daily basis.  If you don’t win a golden ticket but want to meet some new people, I will be following #ICRE2018Goals and #ICRE2018MeetUp if you want to meet me (@ColmJMcCarthy) and some like-minded people.


ColmDr. Colm McCarthy MDCM, MSc HSED
Orthopaedic Surgery PGY 4
McMaster University
ICRE 2017 Golden Ticket Winner


ICRE is just around the corner – an event that I look forward to each fall. This year I am particularly excited about the learning environment consensus conference October 17-18 in beautiful Halifax.

The consensus conference considers six avenues in the postgraduate learning environment and how they may intersect with each other: psychological, architectural, educational, inclusivity, digital and socio-cultural. Continue Reading »